Product Range 

  • Tilt Panel Prop Hire

  • Ferrules Bar, stilletto, Elephant

  • Edge Lifters

  • Face Lifters

  • Bond Breaker

  • Ferrule & Mesh Chairs

  • Packing Shims

  • Ant Caps

  • Nailplates

  • Burke Bars

  • Hi Tensile Bolts

  • Prop Anchors

  • Panel Grout

  • Panel Patch ( Impact-A Crete Patch)

  • Fillet

  • Mock Joint

  • Aluminium Edge Form

  • Cast In Plates

The premium bond breaker on the Australian market today, providing unsurpassed performance in a water based formulation. The dominant and most trusted bond breaker in the USA, Silcoseal Select Cure & bondbreaker's reputation was built on superior concrete finishes with less lifting suction. Outperforming solvent based bond breakers in all areas, including faster drying times and superior weather resistance, this chemically reactive bond breaker achieves a clean and crisp release from casting beds. Tilt-up contractors across Australia are turning to Silcoseal Select for greatly reduced lifting suction, no residue affecting paint adhesion, and unmatched panel finish. Once you have tried Nox-crete's water based technology in a bondbreaker, you won't go back. Silcoseal Select - for the best panels you will ever see.